Our Blog has Moved to www.GraphicsHandyman.com

October 12th, 2014   •   Comments Off on Our Blog has Moved to www.GraphicsHandyman.com   

@GrafixHandymanWe just wanted to let you know that we decided to move the Silkworks Blog over to our www.graphicshandyman.com site. You can find our older posts as well as new tips, ideas, and design information that will help you create business, communication, and marketing material.

Please visit: www.graphicshandyman.com/blog

The Adobe Illustrator Story

July 28th, 2014   •   Comments Off on The Adobe Illustrator Story   

This is a fascinating look at how Adobe Illustrator changed the way art is created. In my early days of running a print shop, we would get actual “art boards” that were used as the layout. Keeping up with technology was the key during the days of Postscript and software program.

Enjoy this short documentary.

How To Make a WordPress Website

August 15th, 2013   •   Comments Off on How To Make a WordPress Website   

If you read this blog, you’ll know that we post a lot of tutorial videos. We feel it’s important that people know how to create items that we might print or incorporate into a website. Today’s tutorial is a bit different as it shows you how to make a complete WordPress website. Now this may take some of our work away but we want you to understand how things work. If, after watching this video, you still need some help, please contact us.