The Adobe Illustrator Story

July 28th, 2014   •   Comments Off on The Adobe Illustrator Story   

This is a fascinating look at how Adobe Illustrator changed the way art is created. In my early days of running a print shop, we would get actual “art boards” that were used as the layout. Keeping up with technology was the key during the days of Postscript and software program.

Enjoy this short documentary.

What is Graphic Design?

March 23rd, 2013   •   Comments Off on What is Graphic Design?   

Here’s a short student animation by Mariko Nishimura asking; What is Graphic Design?

Five Favorite Features in Photoshop

March 10th, 2013   •   Comments Off on Five Favorite Features in Photoshop   

Adobe Digital Imaging Evangelist Julieanne Kost shares her top 5 features in Photoshop 13.1.

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